Laki Karavias

Laki Karavias

Filmmaker, Director of 'Messania's Story'

Laki Karavias is a Greek-American filmmaker, currently dividing his time between Europe and the Pacific Northwest.

Because much of his childhood and post graduate work has been abroad, he is drawn to characters, settings, and experiences that take viewers beyond American boundaries and into the lives of some of the extraordinary people he has met during his travels.

After studying scriptwriting and directing at the National Film and Television School (UK) and the Prague Film School, Laki began crafting on paper the narratives he’d hope to see one day on the big screen—stories mixing gravitas and whimsy, while maintaining a human core.

Messania’s Story came from his time in Africa, working in collaboration with producer, May Ondeng. After meeting Messania, he knew he had to find a way to reflect her life and show how female subjugation could ultimately become empowerment.

Film Screening: Messania’s Story


Click this link to watch the trailer. A childhood filled with laughter and friends, singing and games—cut short by the circumciser’s knife. Growing up, Messania walked the same path as many young girls from Africa; undergoing female genital mutilation to make her marriageable to a stranger many years older than herself. From her Kenya home, […]