Edgar Sandoval

Edgar Sandoval

President and CEO, World Vision U.S.

Edgar Sandoval Sr., President and CEO, World Vision U.S.

Edgar Sandoval has an unstoppable passion to see that every child – especially the most vulnerable – has the opportunity to experience Christ’s promise of life in all its fullness.

Born in Los Angeles, Sandoval grew up in Central and South America, where he first witnessed poverty. His own experience with hardship came at age 18, when he returned alone to the U.S. with only $50 in his pocket. He worked minimum-wage jobs while pursuing his college education, starting with courses in English as a second language and later earning bachelor’s degrees in industrial engineering and sociology from Rutgers University and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Edgar was recruited by General Electric and later by P&G, where he learned from some of the world’s best practitioners how to lead, collaborate, innovate, and grow large and complex businesses. Those experiences over a 20-year career enabled him to contribute in significant ways, with increasing levels of responsibility, to the growth and reputation of an industry-leading corporation.

In his last role at P&G, as vice president and general manager of global feminine care, he challenged his team to create a branding and communications campaign that would do more than drive sales but ultimately make the world better for young women. The result, the internationally acclaimed #LikeAGirl campaign, had a measurable impact on culture by turning the common phrase “like a girl” from a pejorative slur to an empowering compliment.

Edgar came to World Vision in 2015, in response to a clear calling he and his wife, Leiza, felt to the ministry. As Chief Operating Officer for three years, he directed fundraising programs that generated over $1 billion, strengthened the organizational brand, and promoted workforce diversity.

As President and CEO since Oct. 1, 2018, Edgar has placed a strong emphasis on World Vision’s Christian identity and the spiritual transformation of staff. His highest imperative as president is to strengthen how the organization bears witness to the good news of the kingdom of God, in alignment with World Vision’s mission statement. In addition to leading the organization to 8% revenue growth in 2019, he traveled internationally to some of the world’s hot spots, including the Colombia/Venezuela border; appeared in National Geographic’s “Activate” TV series; spoke at pastors gatherings and donor events around the U.S.; and launched Chosen®, a new invitation to child sponsorship.

Edgar cherishes faith and family above career achievements. His wife, Leiza, is a former elementary school teacher who was born and raised in Puerto Rico and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Edgar and Leiza live in Black Diamond, Washington, with their four children: Edgar Jr., Andrea, Natalia, and Cristina. Having two daughters with special needs has instilled deep empathy in Edgar for vulnerable children. Now all the world’s most vulnerable children are his chief concern.

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